About the Space

About the Space

A Cultural Destination for Photography

The Annenberg Space for Photography is a cultural destination dedicated to exhibiting both digital and print photography in an intimate environment. The space features state-of-the-art, high-definition digital technology as well as traditional prints by some of the world's most renowned photographers and a selection of emerging photographic talents as well. The venue, an initiative of the Annenberg Foundation and its trustees, is the first solely photographic cultural destination in the Los Angeles area, and it creates a new paradigm in the world of photography.

Photo by: © 2009 Julius Shulman & Juergen Nogai

Photography is one of the most accessible and personal forms or art. We see the creation of the Annenberg Space for Photography as a service to the community where visitors can see the world through a different lens and leave feeling motivated to make positive change.

Wallis Annenberg

Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of the Annenberg Foundation

Philanthropic Mission

The Annenberg Foundation exists to advance public well-being through improved communication

With its long history of grantmaking to support the exchange of ideas and knowledge, the Foundation is enhancing its direct involvement in the community. The Annenberg Space for Photography informs and inspires the public by connecting photographers, philanthropy and the human experience through powerful imagery and stories.

Design and Architecture

The interior design is influenced by the mechanics of a camera and its lens. The central, circular digital gallery is contained within the square building to create an architectural metaphor for a convex lens. Even the ceiling features a striking, iris-like design that is reminiscent of the aperture of a lens.

The Space is a cultural environment where people can exchange ideas, learn and explore different topics, and is designed to serve many different functions. In addition to the print and digital galleries, the rear portion of the building features a photography reading room and a workshop area that includes a residential-style kitchen for special programs.

Architecture by AECOM Design (formerly DMJM Design)

Technology at the Space

Cutting-edge technology meets artistry

Seamless 7’ x 14’ glass screens and ultra high-definition, rear-projection imaging systems are used to display photography with stunning clarity and saturation. The screens provide 4k resolution that exceeds the level offered by Blu-Ray. In addition to providing professional photographers a long sought after level of image quality, and displaying their art in the best light possible, it also allows for the display of thousands of images in a comparatively small location. The technology in use in the Digital Gallery was created expressly for the Photography Space. HD video shorts created to accompany the rotating exhibits and specialty programming for lunch hour visitors are other forms of digital image content being produced for viewing on the giant screens.

Microsoft Surface Tables

Microsoft Surface, the first commercially available surface computer from Microsoft Corp., turns an ordinary tabletop into a vibrant, interactive surface. The product provides effortless interaction with digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects. It is a natural user interface that allows people to interact with digital content the same way they have interacted with everyday items such as photos, paintbrushes and music their entire life: with their hands, with gestures and by putting real-world objects on the surface.

At the Annenberg Space for Photography, Microsoft Surface tables, each with a 30-inch display in a table-like form, will allow patrons to go deeper into the collection, see more of an exhibition and get hands-on, literally, with the artwork.

For more information about Microsoft Surface please visit www.surface.com

Reading Room

The Space contains an area filled with books to educate and inspire visitors about the art of photography. Guests are encouraged to explore this unique art form through the many different titles available, and, in many cases, read about the very photographers featured in the current exhibit.

Annenberg Foundation Trustees

Wallis Annenberg

Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of the Annenberg Foundation

Wallis Annenberg, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of the Annenberg Foundation, is a visionary who strives to improve the well-being of people and communities throughout the world. Wallis has spent much of her life focused on philanthropy dedicated to education, communications, arts and culture, medical research, animal welfare, social justice and environmental stewardship.

Gregory Annenberg Weingarten

Vice President and Director of the Annenberg Foundation

Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, a Vice President and Director of the Annenberg Founation, is dedicated to supporting innovative projects in the arts, education, and humanitarian efforts.

Charles Annenberg Weingarten

Vice President and Director of the Annenberg Foundation

Charles Annenberg Weingarten, a Vice President and Director of the Annenberg Foundation, has broad interests in entrepreneurialism, the arts and philanthropy. He is dedicated to advancing opportunities in education; improving the quality of life in third world nations; exploring the power and potential of emerging communication technologies; and supporting creative and visionary efforts to preserve the environment.

Lauren Bon

Vice President and Director of the Annenberg Foundation

Lauren Bon serves as a Vice President and Director of the Annenberg Foundation. She is a graduate of Princeton University and MIT and holds degrees in architecture and the history and theory of art. She lived in London for more than a decade and currently lives in Los Angeles where she is raising a son and a daughter.

Lauren's work as a Director is most notable for her project-based philanthropy and her studio for practice, the Metabolic Studio.


How much is admission to the Annenberg Space for Photography?

Admission to the exhibits at the Space is free. Some workshops, forums and other special events may require registration fees.

How often do exhibits change at the Photography Space?

Exhibits change every three to six months.

How do I arrange a tour of the Space?

You can learn more about our daily tours for individuals and group tours here.  To arrange a group tour, please complete our online School & Group Request form

What is Skylight Studios?

Opened in 2013, the Annenberg Space for Photography Skylight Studios is a 5,000-square-foot multimedia studio and retail gallery located directly across the park from the Photography Space. Skylight Studios provides an enhanced lecture viewing atmosphere and experience through state-of-the-art A/V equipment, a concert-quality audio system and HD broadcast capabilities.

Can I hold a private event at Skylight Studios?

Skylight Studios is available for rental for private events.  Click here to see additional information on the services available at Skylight Studios for events.  If you would like to learn more about holding an event at Skylight Studios, please complete our online Event Request Form.

I am a photographer and would love my work to be exhibited at the Photography Space. How do I submit my work?

Because of overwhelming interest, we unfortunately cannot accept unsolicited submissions at this time. Submissions will only be accepted for review in the form of a website or digital lightbox. No original work will be accepted or reviewed. The Annenberg Space for Photography cannot assume responsibility for any artwork or materials sent.  Please email submissions with the following: name, contact information, website address or digital lightbox information to photo-submissions@annenbergspaceforphotography.org.

Are you hiring? Where can I send my resume?

Job openings are listed on the Annenberg Foundation’s website.  All inquiries regarding employment should be sent to jobs@annenbergfoundation.org.

How do I register for Iris Nights lectures?

Advanced online registration for Iris Nights, our Thursday evening lecture series, is free on a first-come, first-served basis. Online registration for each lecture begins 10 days prior to the date of the lecture. These lectures are held at Skylight Studios, located across the park from the Annenberg Space for Photography. Please visit the Iris Nights page for more information. We encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter so we can notify you when registration begins.

The tickets sell out quickly – why does this happen?

Since the lectures launched in 2009, they have grown tremendously in popularity.  Due to the size of our venue, we have more interest in the lecture series than we can accommodate.   

I can't attend the lecture. Is there another way for me to see it?

Most of our Iris Nights lectures are available for live streaming.  To see a live lecture, please visit the Iris Nights Live page approximately 10 minutes before the lecture's listed start time. To view one of our past lectures, please visit the Watch Past Lectures section of our website.

I registered online for an Iris Nights lecture, but the tickets were never sent to my email account. What should I do?

If you receive a web page confirmation after registering for a lecture online but do not receive an email confirmation, your ticket(s) have most likely been reserved. We find that tickets often don’t make their way to the recipient due to a misspelled email address in Eventbrite. Please review your email address in your Eventbrite profile, or feel free to contact us if you would like to confirm that your name is on the list of registrants.

Once I arrive at Skylight Studios for a lecture, how do I check in?

You have two options for checking in at the lecture: bring your printed ticket with you or simply provide your name to the Staff Member at the Front Desk when checking in.

I arrived at the lecture at 6:20pm, and the doors were closed! I had a ticket for the lecture – what happened?

Guests are asked to arrive and be seated by 6:20pm at the latest.  Once we’ve reached capacity, we are obligated to restrict further guests from entering.   Signs are placed outside Skylight Studios main entrance to notify the public we’ve reached capacity.  Parking validations for guests who are not able to enter the lectures are available outside Skylight Studios main entrance.

How do I cancel my Iris Nights lecture ticket reservation?

If you have reserved a ticket to one of our Iris Nights lectures and find that you are unable to attend, please notify us by email at info@annenbergspaceforphotography.org

Do you have a waitlist or standby line to get into the lectures?

To let more guests see our Iris Nights lecture series, we are releasing an additional set of tickets to view the lecture televised live in the Digital Gallery of the Annenberg Space for Photography (walking distance from Skylight Studios). These Digital Gallery tickets are free, released on a first-come first-serve basis, and will be made available online eight days prior to the date of the lecture.


Annenberg Space for Photography

2000 Avenue of the Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Skylight Studios

10050 Constellation Blvd.

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Wed - Sun: 11am - 6pm

Mon - Tue: Closed