Will Wilson & Amy Scott: Time, Place, and Race

Diné artist Will Wilson and Autry Museum Chief Curator Amy Scott’s dialogue covered a broad range of subjects, including the ways indigenous people are taking back the representation of their own cultures through art and photography.

Carol M. Highsmith & Anne Wilkes Tucker: The Beauty, Humor, and Humanity of America

Photographer Carol M. Highsmith and Not an Ostrich exhibit curator Anne Wilkes Tucker discuss Highsmith’s decades-long project to photograph America with images from all 50 states.

Matthew Rolston: Hollywood Royale

Veteran Hollywood photographer Matthew Rolston and award-winning journalist and film director Matt Tyrnauer engage in a lively discussion of Rolston’s latest project—a book and exhibition of his works from the 1980s.

Andrew Moore: Cuba: The Afterlife of Architecture

The architecture of Cuba is justifiably famous for its originality, range of styles, and preservation of historical context.

Luis Gispert: Cheerleaders and Chonga Girls

Utilizing what he terms a “hip-hop baroque” aesthetic, Luis Gispert discusses his interdisciplinary work that incorporates photography, sound, sculpture, and video.

Lisette Poole: The Cuban Diaspora

Lisette Poole is a Cuban-American photojournalist based in Havana whose work explores themes of beauty, resilience and family history.

Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte & Tico Torres: Two Cubans and a Camera

Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte and his husband, Tico Torres, have worked together for over 30 years.

David Alan Harvey: Capturing Cuba

David Alan Harvey’s discussion of his work in Cuba for National Geographic will be informed by his years instructing young photographers in New York City.

Tria Giovan: The Cuba Archive: Photography from the 1990s

Over the course of six years and 12 month-long trips to Cuba in the 1990s, photographer Tria Giovan returned home to New York City with over 25,000 images of the Caribbean island.

Greg Kahn: Havana Youth

Photographer Greg Kahn discusses how youth identity in Cuba is rapidly evolving and redefining what it means to be Cuban.

Michael Christopher Brown: Cuba After Fidel

Michael Christopher Brown discusses his ongoing “Paradiso” project, capturing the lives of Havana youth and the underground electronica music scene populated by “frikis.”

Anna Mia Davidson: Cuba: Black and White

Anna Mia Davidson discusses how her black-and-white photographs reflect the resilience, ingenuity, and spirit of the Cuban people.