Lynsey Addario: In the Field

A clip from the REFUGEE documentary showing Lynsey Addario at work in the field.

Omar Victor Diop: In the Field

A clip from the REFUGEE documentary showing Omar Victor Diop at work in the field.

Lauren Strohacker and Kendra Sollars: Inside Iris Nights

Lauren Strohacker and Kendra Sollars discuss how they've blended art and science to achieve their Animal Land project.

Susan Gottlieb and Scott Logan: A California Love Story – Gardening for Wildlife

Susan Gottlieb and Scott Logan discuss their lifelong interest in nature and the environment.

Charlie Annenberg: Inside Iris Nights

Charles Annenberg Weingarten discusses his captivating travels around the world and the most remote locations livestreamed by

Lauren Strohacker and Kendra Sollars: Animal Land: Visualizing Cohabitation & Conflict

Lauren Strohacker and Kendra Sollars discuss their collaborative project Animal Land and its experimental process that spans ecology, digital technology, and public installation.

Charles Annenberg:, Never Stop Learning

Charles Annenberg Weingarten discusses the world of his philanthropic media organization and the philosophy behind his mantra, “never stop learning.”

Emma Kisiel: Seeing Animals

Emma Kisiel will discuss her passion about the preciousness of animals and the importance of maintaining sincere and genuine relationships with them.

Morgan Heim: Fearless Acts

Morgan Heim shares how the human stories of conservation are key to fighting overwhelming odds, and why photographers of all stripes should find their own fearless act for the causes they believe in.

Paul Colangelo: Voices from the Wild

Paul Colangelo shares his images of some of the most remote cultural and wildlife hotspots of Canada.

Joel Sartore: Inside Iris Nights

Joel Sartore discusses how the Photo Ark raises awareness for species on the brink of extinction.

Rachel Sussman: The Oldest Living Things in the World

Rachel Sussman discusses her research and travels across the world in efforts to photograph continuously living organisms that are 2,000 years old and older.