Piotr Naskrecki: The Smaller Majority

Piotr Naskrecki discusses the organisms, often smaller than a human finger, that make our planet a livable one and the perils that invertebrates and other small animals face in our rapidly changing world.

Corey Arnold: Fish-Work

Corey Arnold discusses his experience working as a commercial fisherman in Alaska while simultaneously documenting his life at sea.

Bryan Derballa: In Bloom

Bryan Derballa discusses coming up in photography during the digital age and how to stand out when every phone has a camera.

Toni Greaves: Radical Love

Toni Greaves discusses her long-term project photographing within a community of cloistered nuns and her personal journey along the way.

Marcus Smith: Inside Iris Nights

Marcus Smith talks about documenting "Crew Love: A Basketball Diary," why he titled his lecture "Imaginary Fear" and his advice to young photographers.

Marcus Smith: Imaginary Fear

Marcus Smith discusses how he embraced fear and used it to get to where he is today as a photographer.

Peter DiCampo: Inside Iris Nights

Peter DiCampo discusses the Everyday Africa photography project, his artistic influences and the advice he would give to photographers who are getting started.

Peter DiCampo: Reimagining Africa

Peter DiCampo shares work from two projects: “Everyday Africa” and “What Went Wrong? Perspectives on Failed Aid.”

Nicole Tung: Covering Conflict

Nicole Tung discusses why it is still so necessary for professional journalists to be reporting from the ground.

JUCO: Inside Iris Nights

Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud discuss working together as a photography team, how their commercial work differs from their personal work and the advice they would give to young photographers.

JUCO: Graduating to the Working World

Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud discuss their different transitions into the world of professional photography.

Zun Lee: Inside Iris Nights

Zun Lee discusses combating stereotypes, his Father Figure project and how he tackles street photography.