See how you can help your students discover the power of photography.

The Annenberg Space for Photography is committed to providing a quality cultural experience for visiting students. We hope that your students’ visit is a catalyst for discussion on the exhibit’s content and the power of photography.

Plan Your Visit

We're proud to offer guided tours for students and private groups to further enhance your visit to the Photography Space. Group size is recommended at 10 to 25 visitors, and up to two groups of 25 can be accommodated during one scheduled visit. To book a tour or learn more about our policies and current exhibit, please email us.

Visitors of all ages are welcomed at the Annenberg Space for Photography; however, please be advised that exhibits may contain images or themes that may not be appropriate for all ages.

Educator Resources

Free standards-based resources for educators are available for all exhibits that run during the traditional school year. These resources include curriculums for the classroom, in-gallery activities for students and videos from our ongoing Iris Nights lecture series.

Essential Lens

Montage of images for Essential Lens

Essential Lens

Essential Lens is a free multidisciplinary professional development resource for middle and high school teachers from Annenberg Learner. Essential Lens provides everything a teacher needs to begin using photographs to engage students and deepen understanding of a range of subjects.

Essential Lens resources include:

  • More than 250 photographs rights-cleared for classroom use
  • Eleven curated photo collections with background text and detailed classroom activity plans linked to national curriculum standards
  • An introductory video demonstrating Focus In, a step-by-step process for analyzing photographs
  • Four videos that document the work of photographers, filmmakers and photo editors and demonstrate a guided analysis of photography
  • Support materials including a glossary of photographic terms and additional photographic resources

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Sink or Swim: Designing for a Sea Change

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Sink or Swim: Designing for a Sea Change explores the human story of resilience, from adaptation for survival to ambitious infrastructure planning, in some of the richest and poorest of the world’s coastal communities. Rather than showing pristine architectural photography, the photographs present viewers with various human responses to changes in their landscapes due to sea level rise. Sink or Swim aims to foster critical dialogue through the provocative juxtaposition of diverse responses to a challenge shared by millions worldwide.

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Providing live streams through nature and animal cams, wildlife photos and educational films.

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